Allen Iverson to China?

by September 12, 2010

by Lang Whitaker | @langwhitaker

According to something called The Hoops Market, Allen Iverson might be heading to China to continue his career. The Hoops Market reports…

The 35-year-old guard is in talks with Foshan (the new name of Shaanxi) for the next season, according to sources from the Chinese team. Iverson, still a free agent after not signing a contract with any NBA team, would have a “strong desire” to play in the CBA.

So there’s that. No quotes on the record from anyone, least of all Allen Iverson, so probably worth taking this not just with a grain of salt but an entire shaker.

But just in case, for what it’s worth, according to Google Translate, the word practice is pronounced “Shíjiàn” in traditional Chinese.