Jacob Pullen: ‘I Kind of Feel Like Michael Vick in Some Ways’

by January 02, 2011

Props to Diamond Leung for putting this post together, if only for the great quotes he salvaged from this radio interview: “Kansas State star guard Jacob Pullen today finished serving his three-game NCAA suspension for receiving impermissible benefits at a local department store and is expected to be back in action for Monday’s game against Savannah State. … Pullen apologized to his team and Kansas State fans after today’s game in comments to reporters, according to audio from 1350 KMAN.  ‘I kind of feel like Michael Vick in some ways. I feel like I’ve got something to prove again. I feel like people doubt what I’ve done and feel like that I shouldn’t be in a place that I’ve been in. I feel like now is a reason for me to show them I worked hard for everything that’s come my way and everything that this team has gotten. It really makes you hungry again, and I feel like God did it for a reason.'”