Jamal Crawford Planning a Charity NBA Game at Seattle’s Key Arena

by November 11, 2011

Ever since Seattle lost the Sonics, a few charity exhibition games have been played there by NBA players to help temporarily fill the void. Jamal Crawford says he’s planning to host another one next month. Per the Seattle Times: “Jamal Crawford, a Seattle product who is an NBA free agent, talked about the lockout, his charity work and an upcoming game at KeyArena in a live chat Thursday. Q: Any other projects in the works? Crawford: ‘We have a lot of projects going, actually. Myself, Brandon Roy, Spencer Hawes, Isaiah Thomas, Will Conroy, Cam Chancellor, for Thanksgiving we’re going to feed 2,000 families. We’re doing that at Rainier Community Center.’ Q: Will you have another charity game here soon? Crawford: ‘We will have a charity game here, I think in December, right before Christmas. People around the Northwest are going to be happy about some of the players who are coming in. Kevin Durant, John Wall, Carmelo Anthony, Russell Westbrook, Brandon Jennings, LaMarcus Aldridge … you guys stay tuned. You can follow me on Twitter and through The Seattle Times for sure. It’s going to be a heck of a game with a lot of NBA stars, and I think Seattle deserves that.’ … Q: How do you feel about the Thunder? Crawford: ‘I like the Thunder, but I like the Sonics more.'”