James Harden Responds to Draymond Green, ‘I’m a Trendsetter’

by December 04, 2016

After being hit with a Flagrant 1 foul for kicking James Harden in the head on Thursday night, Draymond Green responded to the “unnatural act” by calling out Harden’s moves at the hoop to draw fouls “unnatural.”

While promoting his new adidas signature sneaker in L.A., Harden responded to Draymond by saying that his moves are imitated around the League and that he’s a “trendsetter.”

More from Sports Illustrated:

“I wouldn’t call it unnatural,” Harden said. “For me, I just go to the basket and go up with two hands like you’re taught. If you grab my arm it’s a foul. That’s pretty natural in the sport of basketball, in any league. I don’t know about whatever else [Green] has got going on.”


Harden then pointed out that his move is natural enough to be imitated.  
“Some people are copying mine as well,” he said. “I’m not going to say any names, but you’ve got a lot of people doing my moves, going to the basket, looking for contact, all that stuff. That’s what you call being a trendsetter, that’s what you call being somebody people look up to. It’s a great feeling for me.”

Harden is putting up ridiculous numbers, averaging 28.3 points, 11.8 assists and 7.6 rebounds for the 13-7 Rockets and is in the hunt for his first MVP award.

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