Jared Dudley Says ‘Most Guys Don’t Want to Play With Kobe’

Milwaukee Bucks forward Jared Dudley was a guest on a bunch of ESPN platforms Wednesday, and he did not hold back when asked for his opinion on various NBA subjects.

Dudley talked about the Cleveland Cavaliers and the impact Kevin Love‘s shoulder injury is having on their title quest; James Harden‘s reputation around the League; said that Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated NBA superstar (Zach Randolph the most underrated); and talked about why he thinks Kobe Bryant is a pain to play with.

According to Dudley, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar guard’s ball dominance turns most of his peers off.

Per SportsGrid:

“Most guys don’t want to play with Kobe. He gets in this thing where he doesn’t pass and then overpasses and then trying to get triple doubles every night, so we know you have it…


“That’s why I think it will be a while for the Lakers to get good because they’ve got no stars. I would be surprised if (Kevin) Love goes there.”


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