Jason Kidd Wants to Play Until He’s 40

by October 07, 2010

If all goes according to plan, Kidd plans to play in the L for a few more years. FanHouse reports: “Dallas point guard Jason Kidd, who turns 38 on March 23, is starting to conjure up memories of Stockton. All Kidd did last season was make the All-Star Game just shy of his 37th birthday and average 9.1 assists. Even Stockton, who averaged 8.2 in the season he turned 40, never put up an average of nine or more assists in any season in which he was 36 or older. Come back March 23, 2013, and Kidd might be the next point guard playing at a high level at 40. ‘I would love to follow in those footsteps,’ Kidd said in an interview with FanHouse about being as effective at that age as Stockton, who averaged 13.8 points in the season he hit 40 and 10.8 and 7.8 assists in his final season of 2002-03 after turning 41. ‘He’s the best. If I could come close to doing what he did at his age, I would be very happy.'”