Jason Richardson: Orlando Magic Need to Avoid ‘Soft’ Reputation

by January 27, 2012

Jason Richardson and his teammates were all crushed after giving up a 27-point lead at home to the Boston Celtics last night, and Richardson said that the Magic need to avoid getting the label of being soft. Too late? From the Orlando Sentinel: “A guy who just arrived last season — shooting guard Jason Richardson — said after the Magic blew a 27-point lead, ‘The guys know that we didn’t come out in the second half like we were supposed to. To go and give up a lead like that? We have to figure out a way to maintain stuff like that, lik ehow to play with leads like that or when teams put pressure on us. It’s folding like that. We don’t want to get that reputation..that we’re soft.’ Said Glen Davis, ‘You could see things unraveling, turnovers….and Boston smelled blood. They smelled pressure, and we didn’t do a good job of countering.'”