Jason Richardson’s knee

By Sam Rubenstein

I thought about ignoring this, cause I didn’t want to create a whole big deal out of nothing, and if Golden State of Mind wasn’t going to say anything, then neither was I. But, now they’re mentioning it, so this is fair game.

knee surgThe story goes that J-Rich is having some very minor knee surgery, which is just the doctor going in and cleaning it up a little. The Warriors front office is being very quiet about the whole thing. I get nervous when I hear one of the more explosive jumpers in the world having anything done with his knee. Last summer Amare was going in for a little exploratory surgery – or so they said. When he woke up, his life was a little bit different.

Hopefully this is just a minor procedure like they say. Howeva… those are EXPLOSIVE knees they are dealing with. The guy gets so high up when he dunks, it’s got to hurt everytime he lands. Maybe I’m just making something out of nothing because I was writing something about young Penny earlier today, but you just never know. You can’t expect the player or the team to say “This might ruin a world class athlete’s greatest physical gift. Tickets are on sale!” I hope this is a non-story story.
Oh, and the Warriors might be working on a three-team deal involving – who else – Al Harrington. This would also create a father and son Dunleavy reunion on the Clippers. Well… that would be an interesting fit. I’m sure there would be no jealousy of his contract on a Donald Sterling team. Cassell, Kaman, and L’il Dun together? Every night would be ladies night.