Jason Terry Studying Film of Ray Allen

by August 20, 2012

To prepare for his new role with the Boston Celtics, swingman Jason Terry has been studying tape of ex-Celtic Ray Allen. Terry and Allen’s respective games are similar, and Terry, just like Allen, will presumably be called on for a perimeter touch and clutch shooting in crunch time. Via ESPN.com: “‘I have been watching film and watching Ray Allen, the way he maneuvers and works off screens. I believe in [Celtics head coach] Doc [Rivers]’ system. He’ll have me do some of those things, so curling the three, that’s a tough shot, it’s off balance. And that’s just one that I will add.’ The comparisons probably won’t end there, if Terry ends up delivering in the fourth quarter the way both he and Allen are accustomed to doing. Before the question of late-game heroics could even be completed, Terry was already saying, ‘My time, my time.’ He eventually elaborated on how he’s been able to thrive in the clutch moments in seasons past. ‘That’s my time of the game. Obviously your team is counting on you, your fans are counting on you to bring home that victory, whether it’s an assist to win it, whether it’s a shot to seal the game, or a free throw to win the game, it’s what I do,’ Terry explained. ‘That’s my time. And the reason why I’m confident in those situations is because of the work I put in. It’s like repetition for me. It’s second nature.'”