JaVale McGee May Not Start for the Denver Nuggets

According to Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl, JaVale McGee could be turned into a $44 million sixth man. Karl is far more concerned about finding advantageous matchups, rather than worrying about who starts. From the Denver Post: “Now, right away, George Karl thinks the whole idea of a ‘starter’ is overrated – for the Nuggets coach, it’s all about getting the right matchups on the court. Who cares who’s on the floor together for the first five minutes (quite often, it isn’t the same five on the floor in the final five minutes)? And so, center JaVale McGee might not start for Denver. ‘Training camp is going to tell me who plays — my idea right now is (Timofey) Mozgov would start with (power forward Kenneth) Faried and JaVale would stay with (reserve point guard) Andre Miller,’ Karl said. ‘But again, I don’t give a (darn) about starting lineups, and you guys are already stirring the pot. It’s all about how many minutes you play, who you play with, how well you play and how we play (when you’re on the court).'”