JaVale McGee Shrugs Off Being Called Dumb By Cavs Player

by June 01, 2017

Warriors big man JaVale McGee took the high road when asked about an anonymous Cavs player reportedly saying he’s not “smart enough” to play in the NBA Finals.

McGee, who seemed to question the veracity of the quote, says he’s not bothered by the diss.

JaVale says he’s not drawing any additional motivation from the bulletin-board material.

Per the Mercury News:

“I don’t silence nobody,” McGee said. “They can say what they want. Freedom of Speech, we’re in America, so say what you want.”


“it might not be disrespectful depending on who it’s coming from or it might not be real at all,” he said. “If you’re not going to put your name on it, then why say it. But that’s even if it’s true (or) if the reporter was making it up just to stir some (stuff) up.”


McGee likewise said this doesn’t add extra fuel as he prepares to play on the NBA’s biggest stage.


“I done made it this far,” McGee said. “I don’t need nobody to add fuel to my fire. My fire is going.”