Jay Triano Gave Chris Bosh the Cold Shoulder

Bosh returned to Toronto last night and emerged victorious. He then gave the world a glimpse into the now-icy relationship between himself and Jay Triano, his old coach. From the Sun: “I tried to shake [Jay Triano’s] hand before the game the first time we played in Miami,’ Bosh said. ‘I guess he really didn’t want to talk before the game. I was just trying to say hello, but if he’s not feeling it, it’s all good.’ Bosh was then asked if that surprised him. ‘Yeah, it surprised me,’ Bosh said. ‘At the end of the day, this is a game. This is business for us, but it’s a game. You spend a significant amount of time with somebody, you just want to say: ‘Hey, how you doin? How’s the family?’ I wasn’t looking to have a candid conversation before the game.'”