Jaylen Brown: ‘Sports Is A Mechanism Of Control’

by January 09, 2018
jaylen brown sports

Jaylen Brown says sports are a “mechanism of control” which allow people to be less “disappointed with their role in society.”

In a story by The Guardian‘s Donald McRae, Brown spoke about sports’ role in society, and the “racist undertones” of being labeled “too smart” for the League.

“That’s the reality because sports is a mechanism of control. If people didn’t have sports they would be a lot more disappointed with their role in society. There would be a lot more anger or stress about the injustice of poverty and hunger.


“Sports is a way to channel our energy into something positive. Without sports who knows what half of these kids would be doing?” […]


“I disagree that an athlete can’t be intelligent. Some people think that, in basketball, we have a bunch of masculine adults who don’t know how to control themselves. They’re feeble-minded and can’t engage or articulate ideas.


“That’s a narrative they keep trying to paint. We’re trying to change it because that statement definitely has a racist undertone.”

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