Jeff Green Says He ‘Could Care Less’ About Playing Against the OKC Thunder

by November 23, 2012

The OKC Thunder traded away Jeff Green for Kendrick Perkins in February 2011, and tonight, Green will get his first chance to go up against his former team. According to the Boston Celtics’ forward, the game won’t carry any special significance (which is hard to believe.) Per the Boston Herald: “Do I still look at what Oklahoma City does? No,’ a nearly expressionless Green said. Did he keep track of them for a time after the trade? ‘No.’ Huh? ‘I move on easy,’ the easy talking 6-foot-9 forward said. […] ‘I wasn’t angry at all,’ he said. ‘I was happy. I mean, I’m in a great situation here. This is a great fit for myself, coming to a situation where I’m playing alongside Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo. I was happy.’ […] In other words, there will be no KG-Ray Allen stuff between Green and Perk tonight — or between Green and other Thunder types. He was planning to meet up with Durant when the Thunder hit town last night. ‘I keep in touch with Kevin (Durant),’ Green said. ‘I talked to Russell (Westbrook) for a hot second the other day because UCLA played Georgetown. I was close with Kevin and James Harden. That’s about it. I probably talk to (Durant) once a month — maybe twice a month. It’s hard to talk much because we’re busy. He’s doing what he needs to do, and I’m doing what I need to do. It doesn’t mean that we’re not close or we’re not friends. We’re just respectful of each other’s schedule and what we’re trying to do. But he’s still my brother from another (mother), and we support each other.’ Unless Green’s fibbing, there will be a cordial greeting and then just a bunch of basketball tonight. No private wars. No e-mails to be sent the way of Thunder general manager Sam Presti. ‘I know what you mean,’ Green said of the prodding. ‘Like, am I more excited to play them? But I’m really not. I could care less.'”