Jeremy Lin Believes He Will Be an NBA All-Star One Day

by November 22, 2012

As he toils away on an underwhelming Houston Rockets team, the hype surrounding Linsanity has died down considerably. According to Jeremy Lin, though, one day he will become a star again, and play in the NBA’s ultimate showcase game. Per ESPN: “Asked in a phone interview whether he still believes he will become an All-Star, Lin said, ‘At some point, for sure. Right now I have a ways to go, but at some point, yes. I try to get better every year, and if I do that and work on the things that are problems for me right now, I definitely think I’ll have that chance.’ On Friday night in Houston, Lin will have a chance to shake off his early-season struggles and remind the Knicks of what they had together across last season’s magical midwinter run. Not that the Rockets’ 24-year-old playmaker sees Mike Woodson’s 8-1 team as one in need of another dose of Linsanity. ‘I think they’re definitely a championship-contending team,’ Lin said. ‘They have the defense, Coach [Mike] Woodson’s specialty. They’re really deep, they have a lot of explosive players, and right now they’re trusting each other and trusting the system.’ […] If point guards are to be judged like quarterbacks, it’s worth noting Felton also is running an 8-1 team while Lin is out of the wild-card picture at 4-7. But then again, Lin is four years younger than Raymond Felton and tantamount to a rookie quarterback. ‘I’ve started [36] games now, and that’s not even half a season,’ Lin said. ‘I think that’s something I need to remember. … I have to be patient with myself, and understand there’s been a lot of change in my life and with this Houston team. We can’t expect it all to fall into place. It’s going to take some time.'”