Jeremy Lin Ready to Accept a Reduced Role on the Knicks

Mike Woodson will scale down whatever is left of Linsanity, and Jeremy Lin says that he will find a way to adjust to a smaller role now that Mike D’Antoni is no longer in the picture. Can’t blame the guy for not sounding too enthusiastic about the whole thing. From the NY Post: “I love D’Antoni’s system, and it was perfect for me,’ Lin said. ‘But I’d never been in D’Antoni’s system until this year, so I’ve played in other systems before. It’s going back to what I was doing before.’ […] ‘My point guards, we’ve got to be on the same page,’ Woodson said. ‘They got to be on the same page … They got to know what I want.’ At least publicly, Lin embraced the changes. ‘You’ve got to learn and sacrifice and be part of this team, and we’ll figure out what we’re gonna change again,’ he said. ‘It’s part of the process. … Someone might get hurt, someone might be playing well and roles will change again.’ Lin said he exchanged text messages with D’Antoni after he stepped down [Wednesday], and told his former coach how much he appreciated his help. ‘It was good,’ he said. ‘Just a lot of appreciation on my behalf. He said to just keep being aggressive, keep working hard, the [same] things he had been telling me.’ […] ‘It’s going to be different for us,’ Amar’e Stoudemire said. ‘Coach Woodson has his offense and offensive schemes. We have to readjust to that. We are all receiving it well. We’re exciting about it. We can’t wait to play in the new offense. ‘ Lin was less enthusiastic. Lin said Woodson’s offense will be ‘challenging’ for him. ‘We’re going to use more post-ups,’ Lin said. ‘I don’t know what the shot distribution is going to be, but I think the way we get the shots will be different.'”