Jeremy Lin Says Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are Healthy

by September 26, 2014

New Los Angeles Lakers guard Jeremy Lin is impressed with what he’s seen from veteran teammates Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash during scrimmages.

40-year old Nash and 36-year old Bryant were severely limited by injuries last season, but that appears to be behind both future Hall of Famers.

Per the LA Daily News:

“They both look really good and really healthy,” Lakers guard Jeremy Lin said Thursday at the Foot Locker in Westfield Mall at Culver City, both to promote his Adidas shoes and sign autographs for fans. “That’s the biggest thing for us. Health is going to be a huge factor for us this upcoming season. They were moving well and looked much better than they did last year.”


After missing 19 games amid a eight-month rehab process on his left Achilles tendon, Bryant appeared in only six games before injuring his left knee, sidelining him for the remainder of the season. Nash experienced similar frustrations, appearing in only 15 games amid persisting nerve irritation in his back forcing him to stay mostly confined in the trainer’s room.


“Just to see them out there and playing in pickup is just refreshing,” Lin said. “It’s been eye opening to see how Steve and Kobe are almost like robots in what they do. They know what they came here to do. They get it done, and then they leave. It’s very detail oriented and very robotic and they don’t mess around.”