Jeremy Lin Wants Media to Leave His Family Alone in Taiwan

Jeremy Lin’s celebrity is getting out hand, and he’d like for the media to give his family some space and privacy. Per Reuters: “The NBA’s first Taiwanese-American player, after scoring a team-high 28 points and doling out 14 assists, appealed for consideration for members of his family in Taiwan. ‘I love my family, I love my relatives,’ he said, when asked about his grandmother in Taiwan, who has become something of a celebrity, according to a question asked by a Chinese television reporter. ‘One special request I have is for the media back in Taiwan to kind of give them their space because they can’t even go to work without being bombarded and people following them,’ he said. ‘I want people to respect the privacy of my relatives in Taiwan. Hopefully this will get back to everybody because they need to live their lives as well,” said Lin.”