Jeremy Lin Will No Longer Be Sleeping on a Couch

by February 15, 2012

The New York Knicks employ the man with the best story in all of sports right now, and he happens to be homeless (he crashes on the world’s most famous couch.) Well, not for long. According to the NY Daily News, Jeremy Lin will soon be moving into a swanky bachelor pad: “The Trump Tower in downtown White Plains, a 35-story building right off Main Street that is home to several other Knicks players and some New York Rangers as well, sources said. It’s the same two-bedroom apartment that another Knicks star, Amar’e Stoudemire, rented before he moved into his palatial pad in Manhattan, sources said. Lin, a 6-foot-3 point guard who crashed with his brother when he first joined the Knicks this year, will be able to stretch out in his new digs and not have worry about nailing his noggin — it has nine foot ceilings. The apartment is on the 20th floor and boasts marble bathrooms, cherry wood floors, a built-in sound system and stunning views of New York City in the distance. The building, which was built in partnership with developer Louis Cappelli, also features outdoor basketball courts, an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa, a gym, and other top-of-the-line amenities. Experts estimated that Lin, who is 23 and single, will pay around $3,800-a-month in rent. That’s not chopped liver, But Lin should be able to afford it on his $800,000 salary. Perhaps the biggest lure for a gym rat like Lin is that his new home is a ten minute drive to the Knicks practice facility in Greenburgh, N.Y. ‘It’s a perfect location for a player like Lin who isn’t from the area,’ a source said. Lin is from California and played on Golden State Warriors before joining the Knicks. Lee, who now plays for Lin’s old team, is believed to have paid around $750,000 for the apartment. Another selling point for Lin is that it’s an athlete-friendly building where the jocks often hang out in each others’ homes and kick back back with video games, sources said.”