Jermaine O’Neal Plans to Continue Playing in Boston

by June 23, 2011

If he can somehow keep his bones from completely disintegrating, J.O. wants to man the middle for the Celtics next season. From the Boston Herald: “Few players deliberate more over the pros and cons of surgery than Jermaine O’Neal, who after undergoing knee surgery last January has decided to take a more holistic approach with the torn ligament in his left wrist. O’Neal, who went through the playoffs with the wrist injury, has decided to forgo surgery in favor of rehabilitation, according to Danny Ainge. The Celtics president said yesterday that O’Neal, attempting to take advantage of the team’s resources before players are locked out on July 1, has been a regular at the workout facility in Waltham. ‘He has every intention of coming back,’ Ainge said of the only true center on his team’s roster. ‘He has every desire to play, and didn’t like the way it finished this year, and doesn’t want to end his career on that type of note. He wants to be a much greater contributor. He chose not to have surgery.'”