Jerry Sloan Has Erik Spoelstra’s Back

Ol’ Jerry thinks anyone who questions Spoelstra‘s coaching chops is nothing but a damn fool. And we’re certainly not gonna disagree with Mr. Sloan. From the Palm Beach Post: “[The Miami Heat] execute very well, what they’re trying to do,’ Sloan said. ‘Defensively, they’re very very sound and strong. I think he does a terrific job for a young coach or an old coach either, it doesn’t make any difference. I think he’s done a great job. It’s sad to have to listen to all the B.S. about this and that with his coaching. He just doesn’t have a frame of reference, and that’s what people get anxious about. Because a guy hasn’t won three or four championships, or done something like that, he doesn’t get as long as he should. But that’s part of this business, you have to know it when you get into it, because it can be short-lived.'”