Jerry Sloan Tied for 3rd All-Time in Coaching Victories

by December 21, 2010

Let’s just say that old man Sloan isn’t exactly jazzed (pardon the pun) about reaching the milestone. From the Salt Lake Tribune: “Jazz coach Jerry Sloan simply did not care. Asked for his thoughts about tying Pat Riley for third on the NBA’s all-time coaching wins list at 1,210, the constantly focused and always-direct Sloan offered a near no-comment to a reporter when initially asked about the accomplishment. ‘I don’t have any thoughts on it,’ said Sloan, who matched Riley courtesy of Utah’s 101-90 victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday. Sloan proceeded to budge just a little. But rather than talk about himself, he once again moved the spotlight outward. Sloan said that he did not concern himself with accolades as a player, and he has not coached with fame in mind. If anyone deserves recognition, it is Jazz assistants Phil Johnson, Tyrone Corbin and Scott Layden, as well as his past sideline companions. ‘Obviously, I like to win,’ Sloan said. ‘But I couldn’t win without the coaches I’ve had with me — that’s the main thing. And when you talk about coach of the year and that sort of thing, I’ve always felt it should be staff rather than coach.'”