Jerry West: ‘Everyone’s Playing for Second Place’ to Warriors

Former Warriors exec Jerry West is convinced that “everyone’s playing for second place right now” to the NBA champs.

West, 79, joined the LA Clippers’ front-office shortly after the Dubs won their second title this summer.

The Logo says he did not want to leave Golden State.

Per CSN Bay Area (via The Athletic):

“Frankly it was very sad, OK? It really was. A place where I thought that if I was going to work another year or if somebody wanted me to work another year, I thought I could contribute; I did not want to leave. I did not want to leave. I was very happy there.


“But those things happen sometimes. Obviously to be around a bunch of players that were as together as any I’ve seen and I think more importantly the talent that was on that team and to see the joy. There’s a lot of joy there. I think those are the kind of environments where people really prosper.”


West then explains why he’s not with the Warriors anymore.


“It was time for me to leave. I’m in Los Angeles again. For me, I’ll have a chance to go in the office a little bit and watch some of the people that have been hired, to watch our coaches coach. I’ve often said I’ve done some crazy things in my life because of the timing and maybe the timing was right.”