Jimmy Butler: ‘I Love Having Derrick Rose as a Teammate’

Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler is confused and a little angry about the local media having a created a narrative about him and Derrick Rose supposedly beefing.

Butler repeated Thursday that there is no truth to the rumors.

Butler says he loves playing alongside Rose, and that they have a chance to form the NBA’s top backccourt.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose took some time Thursday morning to text each other about Fred Hoiberg’s offense. […] “He told me to make sure to take the 3-pointer if it’s open because he knows I sometimes still hesitate,” Butler said.


“I don’t understand why everybody wants to find a problem with me and Derrick,” Butler said. “Let us be the fierce (expletive) competitors that we are (and) just let us play together. There’s nothing going on.” […] Ever since the funky ending to last season’s playoffs, in which a passive Rose took four second-half shots in the final game against the Cavaliers, the storyline has lingered. Butler has spoken about it several times, including during a lengthy sit-down in August at the USA Basketball minicamp.


“I’ll try to keep my cuss words to a minimum, but it’s making me mad,” Butler said. “I love having Derrick as a teammate. I think we can be one of the best — if not the best — backcourts in the NBA.” […] “Derrick and I are two great players who play well together,” Butler said. “We do have to adjust a bit to each other’s game because we haven’t played a lot together. But we will continue to get better as we play more games and get the feel for this new offense.”