Jimmy Butler Likes Listening to Taylor Swift Before Bulls Games

by March 11, 2015

Most NBA locker rooms bump hip-hop artists like Drake or J. Cole before games. Joakim Noah told us last year he listens to Chicago rappers like Lil Durk. But apparently, Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler prefers country music—like Taylor Swift. His teammates don’t like it much, but that doesn’t stop Butler from jamming to T-Swift before games. Butler also listens to Jason Aldean and Ludacris, for what it’s worth.

From Pro Basketball Talk:

“I get my own playlist in warmups sometimes,” Butler told ProBasketballTalk. “My teammates don’t like it very much because it’s country music, but they get over it.”


Country? Yes. Starting with Taylor Swift.


“I like Taylor Swift,” Butler said. “I like music as a whole, but her music is kinda catchy. I’m sure she’ll hear this interview now and be like ‘what’s going on?’”


So what’s on his playlist?


“I like country music. I listen to a little hip-hop,” Butler told us. “But I try to listen to people I’ve gained relationships with over the years, so whether it’s Ludacris or Lee Brice or Jason Aldean, whoever it is I try to support them just like they support me.”