Jimmy Butler on Bulls Fallout: ‘It Was Either Gonna Be Me or the Fred Hoiberg Route’

by November 08, 2017
jimmy butler fred hoiberg trade

Looking back at his departure from the Bulls, Jimmy Butler said he knew the team was either going to side with him or coach Fred Hoiberg.

While canoeing in Minnesota’s Lake Independence with ESPN’s Sam Alipour, Butler admitted that he “went about a lot of things the wrong way” in Chicago (starting at 1:51):

Why do you think the Bulls traded you?


Butler: “I probably went about a lot of things the wrong way. I probably did a lot of things that they didn’t like—like maybe the way I would talk to my peers or coaches.


“People don’t work as hard as I do, and they don’t expect the same things out of the game that I do.


“And that’s my fault. And I’ve learned from that.


“And I said from the beginning it was either gonna be me or the Fred Hoiberg route. And rightfully so, they took Fred. Good for them.”

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