JJ Redick stays fly

by Lang Whitaker

These days you have to have a MySpace page or Friendster account or Facebook profile or whatever the hot new thing is. If you do not have one of these web pages, you are nothing. Even SLAM magazine has a MySpace page. Never mind that the MySpace pages are a design mess, or that it takes more time to post a comment on a friend’s page than it does to just send a text message directly to them. They are, by now, essential.
Last night I was looking around the internet and I found a link to the blog kept by Jason of “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” fame. I read one entry and was just crestfallen to discover that even though he graduated from Laguna Beach High School, he still doesn’t know where to put an apostrophe.

At the same time, if you’re a celebrity I suppose it’s important to have a way to get your voice out there and have people know what you think, unfiltered (think Mark Cuban). Which is why we should all pay attention to yFly.com, a new networking site that is partly owned by Nick Lachey. (Funny how much the site looks almost exactly like a myspace page.)

As Defamer notes, the thing yFly is promoting to differentiate themselves from other sites is that they’ve got “AUTHENTIC CELEBRITY” profiles — their caps — from actors, singers and athletes, and lucky for us they’ve got an NBA player among their initial AUTHENTIC CELEBRITY roster.

Which NBA player is it? Why it’s JJ Redick of course. And because we know JJ is an AUTHENTIC CELEBRITY and not a poser, we can trust all the information on his page is correct.

So what do we learn?

• JJ is not from Roanoke, Virigina, as we’ve all thought for so many years. He’s actually from “Roanick,” which is, well…somewhere in Virginia.

• People tell him he looks like “JJ Reddick.” Note the spelling there — the real JJ has only one “d” in his last name. Some sort of sly joke JJ’s making there, I think.

• He says his dream vacation would be “being stranded on that island!” along with Jessica Alba. Actually, I can’t really make fun of that answer.

• OK, this one’s actually funny: “More About Me: bad at u-turns.” If you follow sports, you’ll probably get that. (Or read this.) His agent’s gonna read that and start making some frantic phone calls.

• His favorite actor is Kevin Connelly (E from Entourage); Favorite athlete is Brett Favre, though JJ spells it “Farve”; Favorite music is “kalid,” who I think works here at SLAM, and his top book is “a seperate peace,” although I think means A Separate Peace;

Finally, JJ says his favorite movie is “Boardeck Saints.” Anyone have any idea what he’s talking about?