Joakim Noah: Coach Thibodeau ‘Doesn’t Understand the Whole Rest Thing’

by March 03, 2013

Joakim Noah may be the Chicago Bulls’ primary source of energy and aggression, but even guys like that need a rest, sometimes. According to Noah, though, Head Coach Tom Thibodeau doesn’t exactly see things that way. Per “The Brooklyn Nets are supposed to be good. They have the NBA’s second highest payroll and are committed to the biggest for next season. They have four current and former All-Stars in their starting lineup. And Saturday at the United Center the Bulls absolutely dominated them in a 96-85 dismantling that included a paralyzing 19-0 run. So just how good are the Bulls? And what chance do they have in the Eastern Conference as they moved to 34-25, tied for fourth with Atlanta and three games behind the Indiana Pacers, whom the Bulls visit Sunday night. … It’s not like the players have an issue or complain. But they are asked and there’s usually a grin and a shrug and usually the most forthright response from Noah. ‘What do you want me to say? Yeah, I’m tired, pretty tired,’ Noah offered with a shrug. ‘Working on (his plantar fasciitis) every day, massages, lots of treatments, doing everything possible to keep it under control. It’s not really right after the game (you feel tired). It’s the next morning that’s the roughest.’ ‘We’ve got a great coach,’ Noah said as he began to smile and let out a laugh and you know one of those subtle, understated zingers was coming. ‘But he doesn’t understand the whole rest thing yet I don’t think. But it’s all good. We all want to win. It’s good.'”

(H/T: PBT)