Joakim Noah Regrets Shooting a Three-Pointer to Win Free Big Macs

Because he is awesome, Joakim Noah launched an ill-advised three on Tuesday night, as the Chicago Bulls were putting the finishing touches on a victory over the Orlando Magic. Noah was trying to win free burgers for the hometown fans, as part of a team promotion. Head coach Tom Thibodeau didn’t think the stunt was so awesome, however. Per ESPN: “The Bulls have a promotion where fans get a Big Mac if the Bulls score 100 points in a home win. The Bulls won 99-93 as Noah missed his 3 with .03 seconds left. ‘I talked to him about it, but I’m going to keep that private,’ Thibodeau said. It’s not the first time the promotion has made headlines. Kirk Hinrich was booed after a game despite leading the Bulls to victory, and even Derrick Rose said he felt bad after his missed free throws cost the fans a free burger. Noah made one of two free throws with 23 seconds left to make it 99-93, and Hinrich missed two with 10 seconds left. ‘I got caught up in the moment,’ Noah admitted after the game. Despite the fact the Bulls had won the game, many fans booed the team as the final buzzer sounded. ‘I regret it a little bit,’ Noah said. ‘It wasn’t a good shot. You have to respect the game because you never know what can happen in a game. I just got caught up in the moment and I was trying to get the people a Big Mac. They really wanted a Big Mac and I felt like, not only did I take the shot and miss the shot, we didn’t even get the Big Mac. Next time, I won’t take that 3-pointer.’”