Joel Embiid Didn’t Buy Anything With $148 Million Extension

by November 02, 2017

Joel Embiid inked a five-year, $148 million contract extension with the Philadelphia Sixers last month, but the big fella doesn’t feel a need to splurge.

The fun-loving 23-year-old did buy his folks a new home prior to the new deal, however.

The Sixers raised more than a few eyebrows after lavishing Embiid with a such massive contract when he’d suited up for just 31 games.


When asked what he bought for himself after inking the extension, Embiid answered, “Nothing.”


Just before the extension, he purchased a new home for his parents in Cameroon because the old one was filled with painful memories of his brother Arthur, who was struck and killed by a car three years ago. Embiid wasn’t tempted to indulge for himself, either with jewelry, a house or a new car.


“I don’t drive,” he says. “All I really need is my video games and a big-ass TV.”

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