John Wall Expects to Be an Elite PG Within a Year

by June 25, 2010

The top pick in this year’s Draft certainly does not lack for self-confidence, reports the Washington Post: “Wall understands that with the hype comes considerable expectations, but he is looking forward to the challenge. ‘My biggest concern? Going there and being a bum,’ Wall said. ‘You don’t want to be a draft pick that should have did something but never did nothing. For me, it’s about working hard and getting better. I got the will to win. I’ve got good character. I’m a winner off the court. I’ll do anything I can for the team and in the community.’ … Wall was asked where he already ranks among the elite point guards in the league. ‘Right now, I wouldn’t put myself in no top because I haven’t established myself on that level. I feel like I have a chance to be one of those top 10, top three guys,’ he said. ‘Until I prove myself on the NBA level, I can’t put myself in no category.’ How soon does he expect that to happen? ‘A year,’ Wall said. ‘It’s going to have to take a lot of hard work, dedication and study how teams are going to play you. Basically working on my game.”‘