John Wall Says He Played in Too Many Charity Games Last Summer

by April 17, 2012

John Wall was a champion of the summer hoops circuit during the prolonged NBA lockout of 2011. And while most thought that would lead him to a monster second season, it hasn’t exactly worked out that way. Last night, after the Wizards beat a banged-up Bulls team in Chicago, Wall reflected on the way he handled his summer, going so far as to admit that he wished he would have spent more time in the gym working out, rather than participating in so many summer league and charity games. Mike Prada of BulletsForever has the details: “Speaking to out-of-town reporters after Monday’s win over the Chicago Bulls, Wall said that, if he could do it over again, he’d spend more time working out and less time playing in these games…Q: “Did you feel like you were at a disadvantage this year? Nobody had a summer, nobody had much of a training camp, but for a younger player, that would seem to be pretty important.” A: “No … I didn’t think I had a disadvantage. I just think that, instead of working out more, I did more of playing in charity events and summer leagues, when I should have been working out more. That’s the only thing I think I should have done differently, but it was a great experience going to different states and venues.””

You can see video of the post-game interview with Wall at