John Wall ‘Tired of These B.S. Technical Fouls’

by March 20, 2017

John Wall, despite enjoying a career year, still doesn’t feel like he’s getting enough respect from refs.

Wall says he’s “tired of these B.S. technical fouls”—the Wizards’ All-Star point guard has been whistled for 12 techs this season.

The 26-year-old has grown increasingly frustrated over a perceived lack of calls when attacking the hoop.

Per the WaPo:

“I’m just tired of these B.S. technical fouls that I’m getting,” Wall said, his normal rapid-delivery voice still somehow calm and steady.


“It was just a back-and-forth talk. Just a common talk you have,” Wall said, explaining his conversation with Charlotte’s Frank Kaminsky, “and Danny [Crawford] just came in and said, ‘Technical fouls.’ I’ve heard worse than that before and vulgar words have been said, which weren’t said then, and then they just slap a technical foul. I’m getting tired of it.”


“They need to stop showing favoritism to certain players,” Wall said Saturday night. “If you’re going to give techs out, be consistent both ways with them.”