John Wall Wants Kevin Durant on the Wizards

by February 03, 2014

All-Star point guard John Wall may be the man in DC, but he knows that he needs a co-star. Wall admits that he’s been coyly recruiting Kevin Durant (who becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2016). Per the WaPo and Oklahoman:

Wall and Durant both share the same trainer, Rob McClanaghan, and worked out together a few times last summer in Los Angeles. Wall didn’t deny that has already started planting seeds about Durant playing in Washington.

“I throw a little slick shots here and there,” Wall said on Friday with a laugh. “Try something.”

Durant was first asked about the possibility by filmmaker and actor Spike Lee during an appearance on his Sirius XM radio show on Thursday night. Durant told Lee it’s not something that interested him.

“I love playing there (in Oklahoma City),” Durant said. “The city fits me. I’m one of those guys that just likes to chill. That’s exactly how the town is. The people are supportive. The fans are there all the time at the games. Every game feels like it’s a sellout. They just support us so much.”

“I had to buy 100 tickets tonight. I spent a lot of money on tickets tonight. Imagine if I played here,” Durant said when asked if he’s given it any thought (prior to Oklahoma City’s game at Washington on Saturday.) “I don’t even want to think about that. But I haven’t given it any thought. Growing up here and, like I said, taking the train down to Gallery Place-Chinatown to come watch these games as a kid, I never really thought about coming home to play. I love Oklahoma City. I love coming here and visiting. Hopefully, we can change (our losing trend at Washington) and get a win tonight. That’s all I’m thinking about.”