John Wall Wants the Wizards to Change Name Back to ‘Bullets’

by March 21, 2014

It’s a long shot, but over the years, there’s been occasional talk of changing the Washington Wizards back to their original “Bullets” nickname. It’d certainly make All-Star point guard John Wall happy. Per the WaPo:

In Portland for his only visit, Wall teamed up with Lillard to promote the release of Adidas’ Floral City Collection of socks, hats, sweatshirts and shoes that feature the accompanying floral pattern and colors to recognize Washington’s Cherry Blossom Festival, which begins Thursday, and Portland’s Rose festival, which starts in two months.

With hip-hop music blaring, Wall and Lillard sat in a small corner on the second level of the store, a stuffy room cooled only by a portable floor fan. Wall wore a Washington Bullets baseball cap with a cherry blossom-patterned bill.

“I like the Bullets hats. I like wearing them. I just think they have more style, more flavor,” Wall said. “The Wizards logo is cool. I like all that, but I wish we could go back to these – but I know we’re never going back. One time in my career, I would like to wear some throwback jerseys, just one time, one time. I want to wear it one time. I know it’s tough, but it’d be cool.”