John Wall Would Be ‘Hurt’ if the Wizards Don’t Give Him a Max Deal

He’s already made it clear—twice now—that he thinks he’s a max-level player. John Wall tells the WaPo that he deserves a contract extension from the Washington Wizards, and would be hurt if both sides don’t reach an agreement (approximately $85 million over the next five years) by next October: “‘You never know, but I feel like I proved myself for them to give it to me,’ Wall said. ‘I feel like the organization, the ownership knows what I’m capable of and what I bring to the table as a point guard. I feel like I put the pressure on myself to push myself to show that I’m willing to be a max player … I feel like I did what I have to and still want to prove myself. I’m still not done. I still haven’t reached my peak and I feel like it’s up to them to make the decision.’ The Wizards have budgeted to keep Wall with the organization ‘for a long time,’ according to a person with knowledge of the team’s thinking. Teams are allowed to designate one player to a five-year maximum contract at a time, essentially forcing them to make that decision between Wall and emerging rookie Bradley Beal, a No. 3 overall draft pick. Wall is eligible for a contract extension after this season; otherwise, he will become a restricted free agent in the summer of 2014. Negotiations between Wall’s agent, Dan Fegan, and the Wizards cannot begin until July 1. Wall said he would be disappointed if an agreement isn’t reached by the end of October. ‘I would be hurt. I feel like anybody should that feels like they are a franchise guy and proven themselves and still working to develop and get better. But this is a business and you have to deal with the stuff that comes with it and goes with it. I leave that up to those guys, but I love playing for D.C. I love this team, my staff, my teammates.'”