by February 04, 2008

It sounds corny, but there will be no better time to get down with the SLAM SQUAD than right this very moment. We’ve done work, reached out, and now SLAM is trying to enhance hoops in your area. Running a basketball magazine from out here in New York makes it a little tougher to keep tabs and be involved in basketball events across the country.

With that, we’ve come up with the SLAM SQUAD, our official grassroots hoops network. Tell us about who the best players are in your are, post pictures from local games, leave us your schedule. We’re interested in hearing from and getting down with anyone involved in basketball CAMPS, TOURNAMENTS, REC LEAGUES, CLINICS, TRAVEL TEAMS, DUNK AND SHOOTING CONTESTS, YOUTH LEAGUES or any other hoop oriented happenings . No event is too small, and don’t be afraid to ask us to help provide some giveaways for fans and players. Right now, the SLAM SQUAD has partnered with brands like PONY and k1x to offer SLAM SQUAD members a chance to win some cool hoops stuff EVERYDAY!!!!!
To get down with us, simply navigate over to and add us as a myspace friend. Reach out and let us know how we can help!!!