Jonny Flynn Feigns Disappointment in Rubio Resolution

by September 02, 2009

Sorry, Jonny, but I’m having a hard time buying into the idea that you were looking forward to battling Ricky for minutes: “Jonny Flynn is disappointed that he’ll have to wait at least two years to team up with Ricky Rubio, the teenage sensation who told the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night he was going to put the NBA on hold and remain Spain. ‘He’s a guy that could make me better, and make our team better,’ Flynn said Tuesday after playing in an open run at his alma mater, Niagara Falls High School. ‘And that’s the most important thing. We’re going to be missing a piece to our puzzle that really could’ve helped us out this year…It’s tough to hear you have to wait two years to play with a great player like that.'”