Calderon Not Looking to Cause Trouble

by January 06, 2010

Jose — who’s returning from injury — says he won’t be causing his coach any headaches when it comes to the issue of playing time: “With Jarrett Jack as the starting No. 1, the Raptors, for various reasons not excluding a favourable schedule, have carved out a win-loss record of 8-5. True, their grasp on near-respectability is tenuous. But Calderon, if he made the moment about himself, could make the argument, as Ford did, that he shouldn’t lose his starting gig on account of an injury, and he’d have a point. He didn’t make the point. Jay Triano, the Raptors coach, said he won’t start Calderon in Wednesday’s game against the Magic – ‘I’m not going to disrupt the unit that we have right now,’ the coach said – and Calderon wasn’t exactly fuming. ‘It’s Jay’s call. I’m ready to help the team, and keep winning games,’ said Calderon on Tuesday, after he participated in his first full practice with his teammates since his injury. ‘If I’ve got to be coming from the bench the first two, three, four, five games, or whatever, it’s Jay’s call. He’s the coach.’ Both Calderon and Jack spent Tuesday saying all the right things, that it’s the coach’s decision, that they’ll do what’s required. Far more telling, of course, will be the on-court performance of the group as Calderon works his way back into the fold.”