Josh Childress Didn’t Look So Good In His Debut

by September 24, 2008

by Ryne Nelson

Josh Childress should be best player in Greece, right? After all, Olympiakos inked the forward to the most lucrative contract in Euroleague history this summer. Chillz should be scoring 25 in his sleep.

According to HoopsWorld, Childress’ debut did not go well this week.

In his first game with Olympiakos Childress was given the game-winner . . .and missed it. It was a wide open jumper that Childress bricked, which won’t surprise many Hawks fans.


In his second game he managed just nine points and in his third he recorded 14 points and five rebounds. He’s not exactly off to a thrilling start.

The story quotes Dominique Wilkins who questions how effective Childress can be in a jump shooting league. While Childress shot 57 percent last season for the Hawks, he made under 40 percent of his jump shots, according to 82Games.

It’s possible Josh just needs time to adjust to the different style of play. But, for the money he’s making, it wouldn’t hurt to work on that jumper, either.

Here’s video from Monday’s 88-82 win over Kolossos: