JR Smith Admits Defense Not His ‘Area of Expertise’

Even though head coach Mike Woodson has asked his players not to discuss (read: criticize) schemes with the media, reporters obviously won’t stop asking. JR Smith, bless his heart, tried to dodge the questions by confessing that defense is something he knows very little about. Per the NY Post:

The Knicks held a three-hour practice Thursday with a lengthy film session to review their horrendous loss to the Sixers, and Smith said the coach may be trying some new stuff. Woodson has hinted at going to a zone as an alternative to his complicated switching system that has often left shooters open.

“Right now we’re pretty much open to anything new,’’ Smith said. “The old stuff isn’t really getting it done. But at the end of the day, it’s going to come from the players. I don’t think it’s coach’s fault or the scheme’s fault. If you play hard and play smart it’s tough to lose games.’’

Asked his view of Woodson’s defensive system, Smith said: “That’s really not my area of expertise. I’m more of a scoring-type player. I’ll leave that to those guys. Whatever they want to do, it’s OK with me. Just let me know.’’