JR Smith Says the Boston Celtics are Lost Without Rajon Rondo

by April 25, 2013

Following two consecutive, historically awful showings, it’s clear that the Boston Celtics’ offense is in total disarray (so far, they’ve shot 39.2% from the field in the first round Playoff series.) Following the Knicks’ Game 2 victory, JR Smith pointed out that Rajon Rondo’s absence is the biggest reason for the C’s struggles to score against New York. Per SI (via EOB): “The 23 points the Celtics scored in the second half was the fewest in the team’s playoff history, and you can draw a straight line from the lack of production to the ACL injury-induced disappearance of their All-Star playmaker. J.R. Smith called the Celtics ‘a little fuzzy up top on who they want to get it to and why’ without Rondo. ‘When Rondo is out there, they are in a certain flow,’ Smith added. ‘When he is not out there, they sort of don’t know who to go to or [what] plays to run. That’s a credit to a great player like Rondo. When he is in the game, he seems to know two or three plays ahead of what they want to do.'”