Just Cuz: Barry Sanders

While reading over the comments from the MJ FOTS the other day, I saw a bunch of Barry Sanders references. Don’t remember exactly why he came up but man do I LOVE me some Barry Sanders. If there was the equivalent of an ankle breaking crossover in the NFL, it would be a Barry Sanders cutback. Sanders was lightning quick, short, had tree trunks for legs, and the most amazing ability to get close to the ground without actually touching it. It’s a shame that his career ended when it did but what a privilege it was was to watch him torch defenses for all of those years. I think Detroit will get back on track this year with Stafford, CJ and rookie Jahvid Best leading the way but will we ever see another Barry Sanders? I think not. I love hoops and I definitely love Barry Sanders highlights, so I decided to post this…just cuz.