JVG: LeBron James Wouldn’t Put Chicago Over The Top

by May 16, 2010

ESPNChicago reports: “Many believe that if the Chicago Bulls land LeBron James this summer, they will instantly become a title contender. Jeff Van Gundy isn’t one of them. The former NBA head coach and current ESPN analyst says he believes that the Bulls will become much better, but not necessarily one of the NBA’s elite teams, by adding James. ‘Any team that gets him along with Derrick Rose and [Joakim] Noah, you’re going to have a good team,’ Van Gundy told ESPNChicago.com before Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals. ‘A lot depends on how much they have to give up to get him. If it’s a sign and trade, what other moves they’d make, but I would not think they would be a championship-caliber team right away. But I think they’ll be a top-3 or -4 team.'” Of course none of this matters if the Bulls don’t land James. Let the talk continue until LeBron puts an end to it by inking his name on a freshly drawn up contract.