Kanye to the…

By Konate Primus

After 3 weeks of nothing to write about I’ve finally stumbled upon something that moved me. Something that is essential to my well-being. Good music! Now some of you might be saying to yourself there is tons of good music out there. In your head listing the likes of Lil Wayne, Jeezy and Sam’s favorite dip set’s Capo Jim Jones, or some of you might start to think about music that has been out for a minute now. I am tired of listening to old music and I think L’il Wayne is the worst hot rapper ever. He is ok but not great folks. You don’t have to settle for 800 punch lines that go nowhere not to mention he kisses dudes on the lips. THAT’S NOT GANGSTA! I think you deserve better honestly and that’s why I am here to inform you if you didn’t know already about Kanyes’s latest mix tape.

I’ve been waiting for new music and I‘ve been lucky to find a couple of freestyles here and there, Swizz has been significant to my musical welfare in these last couple of months. But no full mix-tapes, no albums, nothing I can put on and listen straight through, it’s been really rough for me. I’ve been cranking massive amounts of dancehall and R&B in my head which is all good but I truly miss my first love; And besides as good as Vybz Kartel and Amy Winehouse are they can’t quite scratch my hip hop itch. But early this week when I walked into the office my man Branden Peters (lifestyle Editor of XXL) was playing some new Kanye, and man o man that ish was HOTT! After his long hiatus, the king of the backpackers has returned with much to say and my ears are wide open as yours should be. The drought of good music is now over, no more of that chipmunk with a mop on his head screaming he’s the best rapper alive and stories about him and his daddy riding motorcycles together. Kanye is honestly among the top three rappers that is currently making music and a lot of you forgot because he hasn’t released anything in a while. But we all remember how he shut the game down when both college dropout and late registration came out. And several head banging mix tapes ehhh umm second semester.

This joint has new cuts from Common, Kanye and a special track dedicated to people like me and former SLAM editor and chief Ryan Jones by PM called hater family. The graduation will be coming soon as he informs us on the mix-tape. The title of the mix-tape is “Can’t tell me nothing” but it would have been cool if he kept his college theme and named it “My thesis paper” but he didn’t so download Can’t tell me nothing or buy it today .

Off the topic of music something a lil more basketball related! Is this real or fake?