Katie4MVP update

By Sam Rubenstein

I wasn’t in Vegas last night, sitting right next to the most exciting basketball players on the planet. So anything I write about today has to avoid talking about the main reason you’re on this site. Lang’s got all the coverage in the world of the superstars and Vegas, and I just don’t have anything that could possibly compete with that today. I didn’t even get to watch the USA-P.R. game, but again, I’m sure Lang will be all over it.

I did hang out with some rappers though. Junk Science, the best Underground Hip-Hop group on the planet. I went to high school with them and I consider the producer/DJ one of my best friends. But yeah, I’m completely impartial.

I’ve got some basketball for you right here. Last week I wrote a post about how I’m pulling for Katie Douglas for WNBA MVP. Last night she had 14 points on 6-14 shooting, 1-4 from three, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals, and 0 turnovers in 34 minutes. Most importantly, her team won the game. She’s not even mentioned in this game recap. You just wait until the playoffs. Katie, you’ve got to get those numbers up if you want the trophy. That little medal over there is nice, but as Bill Walton would say “Itshsth EM VEE PEE time.”
I guess this did become a Vegas-esque post. The Connecticut Sun play at the Mohegan Sun arena. And Mohegan Sun is the same thing as Vegas. Having never been to Vegas myself, I don’t know how accurate that statement is. I’m assuming not at all.