Kawhi Leonard Doesn’t Care About Superstardom

by March 14, 2016

Whether he likes to admit it or not, Kawhi Leonard is now an NBA superstar.

The Claw, however, says he’s much more interested in maintaining the San Antonio Spurs’ dominance.

Leonard, 24, thinks the League rewards big-time scorers and forgets that defense is just as important.

Per the Express-News:

“America recognize this young player right here as a superstar,” said (Shaquille) O’Neal. “Not a star, a superstar right up there with LeBron (James) and Steph Curry and all those guys. I love this guy’s game. He doesn’t celebrate. He plays the right way. And listen, he made the San Antonio Big Three take a [back seat]. We need to start recognizing this young man as a superstar.” […] “This is not where I want to be,” Leonard said. “I’m striving for team goals. Once that time comes, I’ll be happy, but I’m not just focused on myself becoming a superstar. I want to make us the best team – a super team.”


“I just feel like the league is so based on scoring points,” said Leonard. “I could have done this last year, too, but you start averaging 20 points, everybody gets a big rise. But if you see how people affect the game (on both ends of the court) that’s what makes them an elite player.”


But if Leonard isn’t a superstar right now, then what is he? […] “It’s just one season,” said Leonard. “I got to keep it going to become a superstar. Trying to get there. Just taking stepping stones, waiting my time.”

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