Kenny Anderson Endorses New Basketball Training Device

by September 09, 2011

If it’s good enough for Chibbs, chances are it’s good enough for you. Via the Picket Public Relations Group: “Kenny Anderson, former NBA player and all-star has been tapped to represent a new age basketball dribbling and shot blocking machine.  Blockoman is a robotic, human-like device designed to improve the skills of players on various levels. Anderson, who is known for his extensive basketball career, will be the spokesperson for the brand. Blockoman will host several, private demonstrations over the next few months with Kenny Anderson as a special guest. The ‘tip-off’ events will welcome coaches and players from various community and scholastic programs. The first ‘tip-off’ is on September 16th in Atlanta. The event will also welcome legendary Coach Sonny Smith, who is best known for his 22 seasons as a head coach at Auburn, East Tennessee and Virginia Commonwealth Universities. ‘I am excited about the possibilities with Blockoman. It can be very beneficial to players who are still developing their skills. It’s not just for amateurs either. I will be using Blockoman to keep me fresh on the courts, too,’ says Kenny Anderson.”