Kenny Natt Knows He Has No Authority Whatsoever

by March 24, 2009

Self-awareness is good, and depressing: “The decision to practice during this extended break wasn’t Natt’s only tactical change. During the same four-day game reprieve in early March, he threatened widespread benching if there wasn’t more defensive dedication. But little has changed since, leading Natt to admit his uncertain status hinders his authority. ‘(The players) know my situation,’ said Natt, who has signed a one-year contract option for next season that the Kings have until May 1 to decide if they want to exercise. ‘They know I’m a lame-duck coach. I’m not like (Miami’s) Erik Spoelstra, with a three-year contract. You have to listen to him. Kenny Natt? He may not be here. So they deal with that; that’s the way players are. From that standpoint, it’s been a tough challenge, but I’m still battling with it.'”