K-Mart Blames Bruce Ratner for Nets’ Mess

by November 25, 2009

Before helping to send his former team spiraling to 0-14, Martin placed the blame for how things are in New Jersey squarely on the shoulders of one man: ”You wish it would have worked out different but things happen for whatever reason and you just have to move on,’ said Martin. ‘It seems like when I left, it was just downhill from there, and we had something good.’ So who’s to blame for that mess and the one the Nets currently find themselves in? Martin’s answer was not surprising. ‘When you let people who have never played the game of basketball make decisions, that’s what you get,’ he said. ‘Bruce Ratner came in and made decisions and it affected everything from that point on. The blame for that has to go somewhere. It can’t always be on the players.’ Ratner obviously was trying to save some cash when he sent Martin packing and it ultimately led to the end of the greatest era in team history. In the following years, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson were traded. After that, the player who was brought in to replace Martin – Vince Carter – was dealt away too.”